Yegeter Media is a television program that is going to be broadcasted soon and while going to be prior available in hard copy magazine distribution and digital soft copy via . It aspires to work with rural people of Ethiopia in building their skills and knowledge by creating awareness on different technological, social, cultural and other relevant issues that change the level of awareness of the rural society and bring about quality life. The Media aimed at contributing to the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) by reducing poverty in the country:

    *  plans to contribute to the development of the country by increasing the processes of discovering of the potential of      rural people to change their own lives.

* contributes to the glaring economic success of the country by facilitating theoretical and practical experience sharing based on the rural setting that creates knowledge, change in the process of thinking and initiates the need for change

* works to contribute to the growth of Ethiopia by supporting the change in the base of Ethiopian economy and transformation to Industry Development Lead Agriculture by creating awareness about the agrarian society.

It is going to be implemented by an organization called Yegeter Media. It is an organization that is established in August, 2014 G.C in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and has a license from Ministry of Trade and Industries under media and promotion works initiated and hosted by Rahel Shibabaw.


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